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Our ethical label is a way of life,
our company ethos.
It is a concept that is integral to Fumagalli’s DNA, based on a genuine belief in the values that we support and a clear mission, expressed through a series of concrete initiatives, both within the group and in collaboration
with external bodies.
It is a commitment that will continue to grow, a commitment that we will explore and share with you day after day.

1 August 2017

Our success is based on corporate values

Arnaldo Santi – marketing and communications manager for Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – talks about the commitments undertaken by the company with the market. Communicating the company's...
30 July 2017

Cooking with Fumagalli

Tiziana Villa – head teacher of Don Carlo Gnocchi catering college – tells us how the partnership with Fumagalli came about. Visitors to the Fumagalli Salumi Ethical Label Facebook page will n...
20 July 2017

Infant nutrition and cured meats

In infant nutrition it is important to know how to choose each food by its nutritional value. “Buono a sapersi” (Good to know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  Infant nutrition is curren...
1 June 2017

Celebrating three years since the launch of the Ethical Label

Francesco Pizzagalli – CEO of Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – reflects on the success of the venture. The cornerstones of the company’s business strategy, illustrated on the four petals...
1 June 2017

Ethics, sustainability and a controlled supply chain are what the Italian and international market want

Alberto Mascheroni – head of mass retail sales at Fumagalli Industria Alimentare SpA – helps us understand how demanding new consumers are. A successful supply chain means being able to forese...
1 June 2017

Breeding farms supporting animal welfare are more sustainable breeding farms

Awareness of the need to modernise zootechnics grows throughout Europe. Market demands and new consumer awareness have encouraged many European producers to change their practices and apply the st...
4 November 2016

The secret of spices

The importance of spices in the quality and goodness of Fumagalli cured meats. A new video featuring some of the important figures in the Fumagalli supply chain. Egidio Volonterio, head of the gri...
4 November 2016

Guaranteeing food safety during all stages of production

Guaranteeing the quality of a product means guaranteeing its safety too. Guglielmo Scandolara, Quality Manager at Fumagalli, tells us what it takes to ensure food safety in a large cured meat fact...
4 November 2016

Europeans and animal welfare

A study conducted by the European Commission gives an insight into the opinion of EU citizens on this matter. For over 40 years, the European Commission has been working in close collaboration wit...
4 November 2016

Fumagalli Salumi receives another CIWF award for its animal welfare

Fumagalli recipient of the Good Pig Award 2016 in Berlin for its commitment to its supply chain. This year’s award, which follows hard on the heels of the Compassion in World Farming Commendatio...