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Our ethical label is a way of life,
our company ethos.
It is a concept that is integral to Fumagalli’s DNA, based on a genuine belief in the values that we support and a clear mission, expressed through a series of concrete initiatives, both within the group and in collaboration
with external bodies.
It is a commitment that will continue to grow, a commitment that we will explore and share with you day after day.

16 February 2018

Fumagalli’s real commitment to animal welfare in its supply chain

Unwavering dedication, striving for excellence and complying with requirements: this is the secret of our animal welfare supply chain. Pietro Pizzagalli, head of the Fumagalli breeding centres, ex...
16 February 2018

Feeding in the hospital

The importance of cured meats in a healthy hospital diet. “Buono a sapersi”(Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  During a stay in hospital, a patient’s diet plays an essentia...
16 February 2018

Diabetes and cured meats

A healthy diet plays a very important role in treating diabetes. "Buono a sapersi"(Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  The name "diabetes" indicates a chronic illness characterise...
16 February 2018

The Nerviano breeding centre: the start of the Fumagalli supply chain

Biosecurity is the top priority at Fumagalli breeding centres. Our supply chain starts out in Nerviano, near Milan. Here, as in all the breeding centres owned and directly managed by the cured mea...
19 January 2018

Improving quality standards to obtain more important certifications

Guglielmo Scandolara – Quality Manager at Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – tells us about certification of the Fumagalli supply chain. To guarantee maximum quality and safety of our produc...
19 January 2018

Coeliac disease and sliced meats

All Fumagalli’s cured meats are guaranteed gluten free, not just its dry-cured ham. “Buono a sapersi”(Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  Coeliac disease is a permanent into...
19 January 2018

Cured meats and the elderly

As the years pass, we mustn’t forget we need a good intake of proteins in our diet. “Buono a sapersi” (Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  One of the most widespread and evi...
19 January 2018

Film by the European Commission about Fumagalli breeding centres

How to guarantee high animal welfare standards at pig breeding centres. The Fumagalli supply chain has achieved great results and received many awards and this is thanks to its daily commitment an...
19 October 2017

Fumagalli Curing

Only Parma Ham DPO which has undergone a series of rigorous controls throughout the production process is allowed to wear the ducal crown. These controls are carried out by the Parma Qualità Inst...
11 October 2017

The home of the Fumagalli Parma ham is in Langhirano

Andrea Fumagalli shows us around the Parma ham production facilities in Langhirano, where this king of cured meats has been cured and sliced since 2008. The quality of the ham is not Fumagalli’s...