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18 November 2015

Animal welfare and high standards of farming

Fumagalli and the Good Pig Award.

This year, Fumagalli Food Industry was the only company in Italy to receive a “Good Pig Honourable Mention” for improving the welfare of sows in their supply chain; ending the use of crates for feeding and gestation, which causes animals great suffering and deprivation; and for providing sows straw or other improvements necessary to express their natural behaviour.

For Fumagalli, the honourable mention given by the non-profit organization Compassion in Word Farming (CIWF Italy), whose goal is to put the welfare of farm animals at the centre of the food industry, is only the first step of a long journey on which the company embarked some time ago.
“In fact, we were nominated at an early stage of Compassion’s prize,” Pietro Pizzagalli, head of livestock at Fumagalli, explains. “We have adopted a very high standard in our systems of breeding, fattening and slaughtering of pigs – well above the levels required by the European Directive on animal protection.”
Within the company, for example, we do not practise forms of maiming that are routine practices in breeding pigs.

“In 2018 the European Union will ban surgical castration,” Pizzagalli clarifies “and Italy will ask for a waiver, because in our country we use larger pigs. In our farms we already employ some alternatives to castration, developed in collaboration with experts from the non-profit organization: some animals are treated with an immunizing vaccine. In other cases we proceed with the same technique that is used for dogs and cats, using anesthesia and pain relief”.

To keep its Good Pig Award, Fumagalli will continue to guarantee the standards described above (and which have already been adopted on its farms) for at least five years. Above all, for the entire length of the commitment, the company’s production processes will be constantly monitored by a team from the charity Compassion in World Farming, who will assess progress, as well as providing assistance and support along the way.


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