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13 January 2015

Animals’ diet and its importance to the consumer

The quality of meat depends significantly on the quality of the animal feed

You are what you eat. It is not just a New Age motto but scientific fact: the food has as much effect on our wellbeing as do our genes.
If it is true for humans, it must be true for animals too, which means that as consumers we should pay attention not only to the provenance and brand of our meat but also to what the animals were fed on.
To this end, Fumagalli has implemented protocols for the formulation and quantity of the feed given to its pigs, both those farmed by the company itself and those provided by external suppliers. Suppliers that do not follow the formulations to the letter are not permitted to supply the company.
Animals fed on a proper diet have strengthened immune systems, considerably reducing the incidence of illness and use of medications, which would then be passed on to us in the meat.
Using more than fourteen years’ worth of data on doses, weight and meat yield, the optimum formulation was calculated for meat rich in omega 3 and omega 6 with low saturated fats, with a diet consisting primarily of corn, bran and soya.
Fumagalli’s pigs go through seven dietary stages, each with its own type of feed and each playing a role in the growth of the animal: seven opportunities to ensure the quality, safety and goodness of the meat.

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