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16 June 2015

Biodiversity is Italy’s trump card

The quality and variety of products in our supply chain are the key to the global success of Italian agricultural production.


The Bel Paese (“Beautiful Country”, i.e. Italy) is the garden of the Old World: the extraordinary variety of plants, trees, fruits and animals make the country a food lover’s paradise where good food and the high quality of life enhance our extraordinary natural riches. This is reflected in the landscape, the earth, the history and even the people of this country.
Compared to other European Union countries, Italy is characterized by a wealth of natural species that is among the most significant both in terms total numbers and their rarity.
This is a special country!
A combination of geological history, biogeography (distribution of species) and land use, as well as our central location in the Mediterranean, have determined the conditions for the development of our rich biodiversity. Of the total number of species present in Europe today, more than 30% of animal species and almost 50% of plant species are to be found in Italy.
These facts relating to the natural world are further enhanced by our traditions, unparalleled regional differences and companies united by a passion for excellence.
Italian companies fuse traditional knowledge with modern know-how, thereby making the country’s food production among the most important in terms of exports.
A quick glance at the numbers confirms this: Italian agricultural produce is worth fifty-two billion euros. This wealth derives from the production of meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc.), vegetables, activities that support agriculture, fruit, dairy products, cereals, and wine products.
The variety of items to be found in our shopping baskets is evidence of the great diversity of our food production. However, this biodiversity must be protected – and that is the objective of the Directorate for the Protection of Nature and the Sea (DPNM), which also acts as the National Competent Authority on Genetically Modified (GM) foods.


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