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Where operations meet ethics.

You can’t put a price tag on values.

We strive to establish a new form of transparency, loyalty and solidarity, where everyone participates in a purposeful way. We seek to recognise values, make them last and give them space to be expressed. We provide continued professional development for our employees. We advocate transparency of information.

We invest in exclusive partnerships with suppliers who share our ethical values and work to develop relationships with local businesses that work with disabled people. We collaborate with institutions to integrate socially marginalised individuals.

This is our approach to ethics.

30 July 2017

Cooking with Fumagalli

Tiziana Villa – head teacher of Don Carlo Gnocchi catering college – tells us how the partnership with Fumagalli came about. Visitors to the Fumagalli Salumi Ethical Label Facebook page will n...
4 November 2016

Europeans and animal welfare

A study conducted by the European Commission gives an insight into the opinion of EU citizens on this matter. For over 40 years, the European Commission has been working in close collaboration wit...
4 November 2016

Fumagalli Salumi receives another CIWF award for its animal welfare

Fumagalli recipient of the Good Pig Award 2016 in Berlin for its commitment to its supply chain. This year’s award, which follows hard on the heels of the Compassion in World Farming Commendatio...
1 December 2015

Consumers are paying more attention to what they put on their plates: we are heading towards a sustainable world

Italians’ new awareness about food – that’s the big plus of Expo 2015. During the six months of the Milan EXPO, 21.5 million people visited the World's Fair.An unexpectedly positive turno...
18 November 2015

Animal welfare and high standards of farming

Fumagalli and the Good Pig Award. This year, Fumagalli Food Industry was the only company in Italy to receive a "Good Pig Honourable Mention" for improving the welfare of sows in their supply chai...
5 November 2015

The social balance sheet is the starting point to plan the future of business

The values charter gathers the analysis parameters that underpin this important assessment tool of business. In 2013, Fumagalli introduced its first social balance sheet. The company’s Chief Exe...
20 October 2015

Fumagalli supporting small farmers

Supporting small livestock farms is a duty. We shouldn’t squander the wealth of Italian businesses. The last few years, especially since the crisis of 2008 onwards, have not been kind to the liv...
30 September 2015

Protecting biodiversity in the great forests is a commitment we need to make in order to deliver a better world to our children

Deforestation is the prime suspect. 30% of the surface of our planet is covered by forests, valuable ecosystems with a rich biodiversity. The current rates of deforestation, for agricultural and...
5 September 2015

Disparity in the availability of food depends not only on economic or racial factors, but also on gender

There are many countries in the world where women and girls are discriminated against in their access to healthy and sufficient food. Even James Brown said it in a famous song: “This is a man's ...
31 July 2015

Food waste is not only ethically unacceptable, but also causes huge environmental damage

A study by the Barilla Foundation finds disturbing data for our modern society.One billion tons of food is wasted every year: that’s the shocking result of an analysis published by the Barilla F...