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Peace of mind for
our customers.

A high level of food safety

Our management system allows us to identify, assess and mitigate potential risks during production, and information on food safety is circulated within the company and communicated to our suppliers and customers. This ensures the safety of our products and provides the consumer with peace of mind.

Measures include:

  • Careful controls at all stages of the production process
  • Hygienic production environments
  • Continuous training for employees and suppliers
  • The use of innovative techniques, such as high-pressure processing
  • A certified system of control that complies with internationally recognised standards such as BRC Global Standards
16 February 2018

Feeding in the hospital

The importance of cured meats in a healthy hospital diet. “Buono a sapersi”(Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  During a stay in hospital, a patient’s diet plays an essentia...
16 February 2018

Diabetes and cured meats

A healthy diet plays a very important role in treating diabetes. "Buono a sapersi"(Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  The name "diabetes" indicates a chronic illness characterise...
19 January 2018

Coeliac disease and sliced meats

All Fumagalli’s cured meats are guaranteed gluten free, not just its dry-cured ham. “Buono a sapersi”(Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  Coeliac disease is a permanent into...
19 January 2018

Cured meats and the elderly

As the years pass, we mustn’t forget we need a good intake of proteins in our diet. “Buono a sapersi” (Good to Know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  One of the most widespread and evi...
20 July 2017

Infant nutrition and cured meats

In infant nutrition it is important to know how to choose each food by its nutritional value. “Buono a sapersi” (Good to know) edited by Jessica Lops (Dietician)  Infant nutrition is curren...
4 November 2016

Guaranteeing food safety during all stages of production

Guaranteeing the quality of a product means guaranteeing its safety too. Guglielmo Scandolara, Quality Manager at Fumagalli, tells us what it takes to ensure food safety in a large cured meat fact...
4 November 2016

The cleanroom: a delicate stage in food safety

An interview with Manuel Beretta, head of the cleanroom at Fumagalli Industria Alimentari spa. All the cutting and packaging of Fumagalli cured meats take place in the cleanroom. Controls are stri...
15 December 2015

Nitrates and nitrites in the dock – but what are they exactly?

Natural additives to keep botulinum at bay and avoid food poisoning. Nitrites (identified by the numbers E249, E250) and nitrates (E251, E252) are substances which are naturally present in foods ...
23 November 2015

Cleanrooms to fight contamination

Air that’s purer and more sterile than an operating room to produce microchips, food and medicines. Today, in industrial and scientific research facilities, as well as in the production departme...
14 November 2015

The watchword is: biosafety

On Fumagalli pig farms, hygiene and health standards are extremely high. The Italian pig farm is the first link in a highly specialized supply chain: rearing large pigs to create DOP and IGP cured...