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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

Fumagalli as a benchmark.

We organise, link and oversee all the parties that make up our production chain, from the people responsible for the animals to the final user, from the earth to the table. Our aim is to fulfil the consumer’s requirements, surpass our own expectations, and focus on constantly improving. Through close monitoring of the chain we ensure the safety and quality of our products.

The wellbeing of our animals is important to us, and we protect it by housing the pigs in open pens, providing them with a pleasant environment, not docking their tails or filing down their teeth, minimising the time sows spend in cages after conceiving, using straw bedding, and keeping a low number of animals in each pen.

Our animals are fed a diet tailored to the stage of their growth. Their feed is rich in antioxidants (vitamin E, selenium, algae, papaya), essential oils, omega 3 and omega 6, and yeasts. This ensures that the meat produced by our animals is low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids.

19 October 2017

Fumagalli Curing

Only Parma Ham DPO which has undergone a series of rigorous controls throughout the production process is allowed to wear the ducal crown. These controls are carried out by the Parma Qualità Inst...
11 October 2017

The home of the Fumagalli Parma ham is in Langhirano

Andrea Fumagalli shows us around the Parma ham production facilities in Langhirano, where this king of cured meats has been cured and sliced since 2008. The quality of the ham is not Fumagalli’s...
3 August 2017

Our success is based on corporate values

Arnaldo Santi – marketing and communications manager for Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – talks about the commitments undertaken by the company with the market. Communicating the company's...
2 August 2017

Tradition, close ties with the local area and product quality are the three levers of Fumagalli’s success

Cesare Fumagalli - president of Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – explains how the provenance of its raw materials is the secret to its success. It has been a long journey, spanning three gen...
1 June 2017

Celebrating three years since the launch of the Ethical Label

Francesco Pizzagalli – CEO of Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – reflects on the success of the venture. The cornerstones of the company’s business strategy, illustrated on the four petals...
4 November 2016

The secret of spices

The importance of spices in the quality and goodness of Fumagalli cured meats. A new video featuring some of the important figures in the Fumagalli supply chain. Egidio Volonterio, head of the gri...
23 December 2015

The importance of controlling feed in the livestock sector

Strict discipline guarantees quality and the composition of food for pigs. On Fumagalli farms, animal feed for livestock is tightly controlled and the feeding guide is binding both for compositio...
10 December 2015

Quantity and quality are the parameters to be evaluated in order to understand the study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)

Consumption levels indicated as potentially dangerous by the WHO document are much higher than the Italian average. The shock-waves were strong and the news caused great alarm: an IARC-WHO report ...
5 December 2015

Tracking and tracing: two basic steps in industrial production

What are the differences between these two elements required in the food chain? Traceability is one of the basic requirements of Regulation 178, which also obliges companies in the food industry t...
16 November 2015

Fumagalli updates and innovates its production process

Pride of the Lombardy food company: its controlled supply chain has evolved and specialised with two new goals: "organic" and "animal welfare". The Fumagalli supply chain is the result of project ...