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Maximum impact on consumers,
minimum impact on
the environment.

Thinking globally, acting locally.

Demonstrating respect for the environment and taking responsibility for the effects of our productive processes on the ecosystem.

Preparation of a program to improve energy efficiency of production facilities; the use of a cogenerator to ensure the reduction of power consumption and the recovery of thermal energy.

Packaging materials produced using paper made from wood sourced from sustainably-managed forests; optimization of formats, reduction of plastic content in the "less plastic" packaging line.

Producing and promoting organic products.

These are the concepts that provide the springboard for our environmental policy, aimed at protecting the environment and natural resources.

1 June 2017

Ethics, sustainability and a controlled supply chain are what the Italian and international market want

Alberto Mascheroni – head of mass retail sales at Fumagalli Industria Alimentare SpA – helps us understand how demanding new consumers are. A successful supply chain means being able to forese...
1 June 2017

Breeding farms supporting animal welfare are more sustainable breeding farms

Awareness of the need to modernise zootechnics grows throughout Europe. Market demands and new consumer awareness have encouraged many European producers to change their practices and apply the st...
20 December 2015

The Fumagalli Group is moving towards an organic production chain in the name of animal welfare

A Fumagalli farm will produce certified organic cured meats, with the guarantee of total control of the supply chain. A growing number of consumers are asking producers for guarantees of naturaln...
28 November 2015

The Fumagalli Group is moving towards an organic supply chain in the name of animal welfare

The four petals of the ethical label told in four clips. The first clip is dedicated to Fumagalli’s Sustainability.http://www.fumagallisalumi.it/...
12 November 2015

Farms inside national parks?

You can do business while respecting the environment. Our country boasts many beautiful landscapes, magical places that are gifts of nature and shaped by human activity.Unfortunately, this natur...
30 October 2015

Saving energy and environmental protection: a genuine commitment by the Fumagalli group

The energy efficiency of our production plants reduces the company’s emissions as well as costs. The fate of the environment – already seriously compromised by the over-exploitation of resourc...
4 October 2015

UBS is confident of a real investment boom in solar energy over the next three decades

For the Swiss banking giant, large solar power plants in the near future will lead to investments of $3 trillion by 2050. The numbers are simply staggering: a study by the giant Swiss bank UBS s...
25 September 2015

Farms: from the usual suspects for environmental pollution to local heroes as sources of renewable energy

The transformation of waste and litter can produce biomethane and biogas, with obvious economic and ecological benefits. Owning a farm presents important choices, including ethical choices if th...
10 September 2015

Defending the oceans from pollution is vital for our lungs

The voyage of the schooner Tara shows that plankton produce 50% of the oxygen on our planet. The thousands of species of microorganisms that inhabit the surface waters of the oceans, and which co...
31 July 2015

Sheep give a helping hoof to American organic farmers

A Montana University study highlights the role that sheep could play in supporting organic farmingOrganic, bio, pesticide-free – call it what you like: it doesn’t change the facts on the groun...