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29 April 2015

Demonstrating business ethics in our relationship with the community

Fumagalli Industry Food S.p.A. leads the way in supporting the charity Noi Genitori (“We, the Parents”) in the town of Erba (Como)

Our country plays a major role in the field of industrial production, remaining firmly in second place in Europe behind the manufacturing powerhouse of Germany and among the top ten producing countries in the world.
Another specially Italian feature is the prevalence of small and medium enterprises, spread out in a network covering the entire country.
The strong local connections of these firms tend to result in many companies having a significant influence in supporting the social fabric at “grass roots” level, especially in small towns.
A good example of this local action in the community is the support provided by Fumagalli Food Industry S.p.A. to the Social Cooperative “We, the Parents”, a charity based in Erba, which for more than 20 years has managed training services for people with disabilities and currently assists more than 60 people with its 36 employees and 50 volunteers. In fact, it’s a one of the most important firms in the province of Como. Fumagalli S.p.A. has never shied away from making an active and practical commitment at a local level, but rather has remained convinced that helping those in need is an ethical duty, even for a commercial organisation.
Fumagalli S.p.A.’s support for “We, the Parents” is not an isolated example of the company’s active involvement in assisting worthwhile initiatives that help disadvantaged groups. In fact, it is relatively easy for everyone to do their bit : we can support the wide range of charitable associations that operate throughout the country by donating 5 euros in every 1000 when we file a tax return (simply by nominating the organisation we want to receive “five in every thousand” euros of tax payable in the space provided on the form).
This year “We, the Parents” will invest the “five in every thousand” contributions it receives in supporting the “Casa Lorenza” residential community, which was founded to enable disabled people become more independent in their lives.

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