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Maximum impact on consumers,
minimum impact on
the environment.

1 June 2017

Ethics, sustainability and a controlled supply chain are what the Italian and international market want

Alberto Mascheroni – head of mass retail sales at Fumagalli Industria Alimentare SpA – helps us understand how demanding new consumers are.

A successful supply chain means being able to foresee and interpret distributor and consumer demands, because understanding their priorities gives any company a real chance of worldwide market success.

In Italy consumers do not just purchase a product, they want to know everything about it. We too have witnessed a transformation, with the development of consumer awareness which was a common phenomenon abroad, creating mature, demanding customers who are extremely attentive of the products on offer and who demand clarity and honesty.

The idea of launching a range of products focusing on Animal Welfare was a touch of genius on Fumagalli’s part, because it recognised the market’s growing interest and the fact that price is not the only variable when making a purchase.

Animal Welfare

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Breeding farms supporting animal welfare are more sustainable breeding farms

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