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4 November 2016

Europeans and animal welfare

A study conducted by the European Commission gives an insight into the opinion of EU citizens on this matter.

For over 40 years, the European Commission has been working in close collaboration with Member States to promote animal welfare, with the aim of improving the lives of farm animals.
The guiding principle in spreading this philosophy has been “Everyone is responsible”, in an attempt to bring about cultural change at all levels of the food supply chain. The European Commission has worked with farmers, vets, animal-rights associations and other experts, convinced that improving animal welfare by guaranteeing improved living conditions on farms has a positive effect on the quality of food within Europe and makes EU agricultural products even more competitive throughout the world.

The Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety wanted to see how sensitive European public opinion was to this issue and 27,672 EU citizens from different social and demographic categories were interviewed face-to-face at home and in their native language.
Here are some of the results of the survey.
Europeans agree it is important to guarantee animal welfare. An absolute majority of Europeans (94%) are of the view that the standard of welfare of farm animals is important. 82% of the Europeans interviewed believe more attention should be paid to animal welfare on farms.
59% of respondents are prepared to pay more for products sourced from animal-welfare friendly production. 35% would willingly pay up to 5% more, with 3% even accepting an increase of 20%. Only one third of respondents are not prepared to pay more for protecting the welfare of farmed animals.

52% of the people interviewed would like animal welfare-friendly products clearly indicated on labels. Lastly, 47% do not believe there is currently a sufficient choice of animal welfare-friendly food products in shops and supermarkets, an increase of nine percentage points on the last survey conducted in 2006.
This is good news for Fumagalli Industria Alimentari S.p.A which, for years now, has embraced the philosophy of an animal welfare-oriented supply chain, and its belief that these concepts are appreciated and demanded by the market has now been endorsed.

Animal welfare

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