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12 November 2015

Farms inside national parks?

You can do business while respecting the environment.

Our country boasts many beautiful landscapes, magical places that are gifts of nature and shaped by human activity.
Unfortunately, this natural heritage has been the victim of many assaults from large-scale industrialisation, which has contributed to uncontrolled development in natural areas, defacing mountains, coasts and Italian campaigns.

This is a sad story that people don’t seem to have learned from, as the newly industrialised countries tend to repeat the same mistakes made in the past by the older economies.

Today, however, in Italy and throughout Europe there are rules for the preservation of the landscape, parks and protected areas, even if there is a difference of opinion between those who consider the regulations are too flexible and others who think are too rigid.

Finally, there are also those enterprises that have started up in areas that have subsequently gained the status of a protected area or park: they have had to find a balance between nature conservation and protecting labour.

The Nerviano farm of Fumagalli Food Industry SpA is an example of successful coexistence between the protection of the landscape and the need to maintain an active and efficient production facility. Fumagalli scrupulously respects local environmental protection demands regarding the Roccolo park, e.g. regarding the disposal of effluent. It only uses native plants to provide shade and beautify open spaces and it keeps the farms’s unmetalled access roads, which are somewhat difficult for vehicles arriving. Nerviano can be considered a positive example, which preserves the wide open spaces of Lombardy and at the same time defends the work of those who, for many years, have contributed to the success of an Italian producer of cured meats which are loved the world over.


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