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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

19 January 2018

Film by the European Commission about Fumagalli breeding centres

How to guarantee high animal welfare standards at pig breeding centres.

The Fumagalli supply chain has achieved great results and received many awards and this is thanks to its daily commitment and its pursuit of innovation and top-quality standards at its breeding centres.
This leadership role in the Italian pig breeding sector has been endorsed by the European Commission, which has made a video featuring a long interview with Pietro Pizzagalli, director of our breeding centres, to learn more about them and put them forward as an example for breeding centres in the European Union.

The video will be used by the European Commission to train breeders throughout Europe about tail docking to ensure it is only performed on pig farms when strictly necessary.

Read the leaflet on the European Commission’s website,

Sharing this experience and seeing our efforts recognised by such an important body as the European Commission makes us even prouder of our Supply Chain.

The supply chain

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