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25 March 2015

Food security: safety in numbers

A workshop is held in Rome to discuss a common approach to be adopted by Mediterranean countries

Food security in the Mediterranean area is a strategic theme for Italy. On 26 January 2015, a workshop on the subject was held in Rome at the headquarters of the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs, with the title “Feeding the Mediterranean through knowledge. Towards Expo Milano 2015 Legacy”.

The Feeding Knowledge programme carried out a detailed study of cooperation in the field of food security research over the last three years, and the results were presented at the workshop. Promoted by Expo Milano 2015 and carried out by the CIHEAM/IAMB (the Agronomic Institute of the Mediterranean in Bari) in collaboration with METID (the Milan Polytechnic), the Feeding Knowledge project aims to ensure food security in the Mediterranean as a legacy of Expo Milano 2015.

How is Feeding Knowledge helping to improve cooperation in food security among Mediterranean countries? In the last three years, it has produced five white papers on research priorities, opened ten local offices in ten Mediterranean countries, set up an online databank of approximately 800 research projects, created a network of over 2000 researchers and 3000 organisations, who are registered on the collaborative platform www.feedingknowledge.net, and developed 780 best practices for sustainable development.

At the heart of the programme is the sharing of a system that covers all facets of food security: research, innovation, identification of development strategies, and knowledge sharing supported by the proper methods and instruments

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