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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

16 November 2015

Fumagalli updates and innovates its production process

Pride of the Lombardy food company: its controlled supply chain has evolved and specialised with two new goals: “organic” and “animal welfare”.

The Fumagalli supply chain is the result of project management and computerised control of all stages in the search for absolute transparency applied to all processing steps: the genetic centre, farms and feed, slaughtering, processing and ageing meats. The fine-grained control of the quality of feed for Fumagalli’s pigs, attention to animal welfare and environmental protection are the result of the constant work of the company’s technical experts: a connected business that is not limited to tracking, but one that constantly analyses all the processes, building a production supply chain that is unique in Italy and with few parallels in Europe. And, of course, everything is done in accordance with the great tradition of Italian cured meats.

Not content to rest on their laurels, and highly aware that the only guarantees of quality are evolution and innovation are, Fumagalli has decided to introduce two new specializations in the chain: their own organic focus and also a special attention to animal welfare, which follows on from the company’s honourable mention by the Italian arm of the non-profit organisation Compassion in World Farming (CIWF).

In 2006 Fumagalli introduced a line of organic products certified with bioagricert accreditation. Although this was limited to the processing and ageing of meats, the company has now has decided to develop its own organic production, applying the processes and the quality of the Fumagalli organic supply chain. Fumagalli is certain that no other company can beat it when it comes to adhering to all the requirements of a “totally organic” production chain.

On June 9 Fumagalli received a special mention for the treatment of the sows on farms owned by the company. The CIWF award is designed to trigger a virtuous circle in the winners to make progress and expand the welfare standards for farm animals. Fumagalli has decided to accept the challenge and to develop a third supply chain focusing on animal welfare, making all adjustments necessary to align it with the requirements of ensuring all its animals are taken care of properly at all times.


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