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13 January 2015

How can we be sure of what we are eating?

The importance of the production chain and control at all stages of the production process.

The term “production chain” encompasses all agents that play a direct or indirect role in the process of food production.
In order to ensure proper food safety, it is fundamental to respect standards on food hygiene and safety, be aware of the provenance and quality of animal feed, and control packing and storing procedures.
But this on its own is not enough if all the stages food chain are completely traceable so that any problems that occur can be resolved and recurrences be prevented. In order to ensure food safety, it is more important to know what companies are involved in the preparation, packaging and distribution processes than it is to know the region of production. This way, consumers can be sure who is responsible for the products that they eat.
Traceability in the production chain is also helpful in identifying products that do not conform to standards, making it possible to withdraw or recall them, and facilitates the communication of product information to stakeholders and consumers. Safety in the food chain is particularly important in the production of meat products. Companies that manage all the stages of production themselves can more easily guarantee not only the immediate traceability of their products but also maximum clarity and safety through direct, active interventions.
Considering how important food is to our growth and development as well as its role in fighting and preventing illness, it is in the interests of the consumer to be informed about the foods that they consume, and food producers have a duty to make this possible.

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