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13 July 2015

In the field of food safety, industrial production equals our guarantee of quality and control

Industrial food production is often accused of restricting the offer when compared to the variety available from small, homemade producers.

First of all, factory-made food must be healthy and safe. For this reason, control is absolutely key and the essential ingredient for each type of food. Before being subjected to the scrutiny of the consumer, it should exceed health standards of reliability, because the process of food production itself can result in a guarantee of quality.

But how exactly are the risk factors of food security evaluated? First of all, the supply chain is carefully analysed and any dangers that can find their way into the system are identified. This is essential to avoid any fake ingredients being used and to prevent any possible lapses in hygiene that could jeopardise the process. The consumer must have absolute confidence in the product and every aspect of its production. To ensure this, tracking and tracing of all ingredients and stages play a key role throughout the production chain.

Tracking is, specifically, the process of following the pathway each type of food makes as it is produced, carefully monitoring each stage of production. Conversely, traceability works backwards from the final product. It puts in place powerful controls to stop any product that doesn’t conform to strict legal standards from ever reaching the marketplace.

An effective system of control has to be extremely well-defined. It is carefully configured to reflect the most up-to-date standards in chemical and technological analysis. The overriding aim is to ensure that the production chain is rigorously tested using the most reliable and sophisticated measures available.

The link between scientific research and food production is absolutely critical to food safety. Being able to trace foods to their source and have complete information about every aspect of a product enables every consumer to have access to total transparency about the whole process.


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