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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

3 August 2017

Our success is based on corporate values

Arnaldo Santi – marketing and communications manager for Fumagalli industria alimentari SpA – talks about the commitments undertaken by the company with the market.

Communicating the company’s core values to consumers could for certain aspects be simple when these values represent a point of reference that is felt and shared by all employees and forms the basis for corporate decisions.
The controlled supply chain and animal wellbeing are the other challenges taken up and successfully achieved. Not simple words or slogans, but a constant daily commitment to ensure the quality and safety of Fumagalli cured meats.

The supply chain

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The home of the Fumagalli Parma ham is in Langhirano
Tradition, close ties with the local area and product quality are the three levers of Fumagalli’s success

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