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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

29 April 2015

Project #Filiereintelligenti (“intelligent production chain”)

Universities, researchers and businesses line up to defend the quality of food products.

With Expo 2015 about to start in Milan, there are a host of initiatives aimed at tackling one the themes of the world’s fair: feeding the world.

In Puglia, an interesting initiative focused on the role of the food production chain will take place in seven workshops. All the players involved in the process of producing the food we eat every day will be represented.

#FiliereIntelligenti is the brainchild of ​​Anga (the national association of young farmers), part of Confagricoltura, along with the young members of Federalimentare (food producers organisation) and the National Research Council, in partnership with the national networks of Agricultural and Hotel Institutes (Ministry of Education), UNIMED ( Union of Mediterranean Universities) and ItaliaCamp.

Bringing together representatives from the worlds of business, agriculture, research and education to discuss key issues was a vital factor for the organisers, who wanted to break down the rigid barriers separating these sectors and to create a shared space where they could talk freely.

For the young entrepreneurs of Puglia, it is only by having “a free and informal discussion” that they can focus on “the really knotty problems. The way we think about the production chain will only grow and become central to the debate if we are able to address the key themes of Sustainability, Quality, Traceability, Innovation and Regional Specialities. The aim is to bring the production chain bring centre-stage and to find smarter ways of working”.

The aim of #FiliereIntelligenti is to establish a network that connects the key players in the Italian food farming sector and put them in touch with young people studying at university. The project is also designed to enable entrepreneurs and workers to meet the challenges of the coming decades, thereby ensuring our country plays a leading role and stays competitive in the future.

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