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A ground-breaking approach
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15 September 2015

Protected designation status (DOP and IGP) safeguards the “Made in Italy” food supply chain

Parmigiano Reggiano, the most counterfeited Italian food, is just one of many homegrown culinary specialities that are faked, sold in the rest of the world and passed off as originals.

The market of counterfeit “Made in Italy” products is growing. The illicit trade also takes place on the web: in the last 12 months alone online sales of about 60 million “fake Italian” products have been blocked.

To address the problem and to protect producers and consumers, the Ministry of Agriculture has put in place a number of targeted measures:

  • enhancement of the DOC and IGP quality marks on the national and international markets through agreements with major distributors;
  • strengthening the fight against online “agricultural piracy”, establishing a collaboration with the giants of global ecommerce, eBay and Alibaba;
  • defending the denomination and protected status system at an international level;
  • a single text for DOP to simplify the rules in favour of companies and consortia established to protect authentic food;
  • the introduction of a single distinctive symbol for Italian agricultural food production.

The logo, an Italian flag with three waves that suggests the concepts of growth and development, with the slogan “The extraordinary Italian taste”, will be used in international fairs, in promotion activities within the stores of large foreign retailers, as well as in campaigns and promotions on TV, traditional media, the Internet and social media. The single logo will convey the idea of “Made in Italy” by using the original features and distinctive qualities of Italian food. Italy is the European country with the largest number of food products with designation of origin (DOP) and geographical indication (IGP) recognized by the European Union.


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