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13 January 2015

Protecting Italian land

Taking care of the environment is a priority for economic development

Italian land is particularly prone to instability, not only because of its particular morphological and geological characteristics, but also because of the way the land is treated.
According to AGEA, the Agricultural Payments Agency, and ISPRA, the National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research,  about 4 million hectares of agricultural and forested land in Italy, amounting to approximately 13% of the country’s land, is at risk of instability.
Measures worth €7 billion are to be implemented over ten years to combat instability, concentrating mainly on arable and grazing land, forested areas, and permanently cultivated terraces.
This investment is necessary in order to mitigate the risk and to ensure more sustainable and environmentally-friendly agricultural activities. In addition to these measures, appropriate policies for environmental protection must be introduced, and they must be driven by the agricultural sector, since this sector depends on the land and therefore has a responsibility to respect and preserve it.
Fumagalli considers links with the land fundamental to the production of Italian cold meats, and demonstrates this by using practical organic packaging, certified by Bioagricert, an independent technical organisation for control and certification, established in 1984 and authorised in 1993 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to control and certify organic products.

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