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25 October 2015

Quality and safety dictate the success of sales of the food industry

Requests for product guarantees are forcing companies to restructure their supply chains.

Market data on the direction of consumption is clear: the main concern of buyers is certainty about the quality and safety of the products in their shopping trolley.
The success of the organic market, the levelling out of performance among the big retail chains and the growing number of smaller supermarkets – with less choice of products, but strongly oriented toward selecting quality regardless of price – these are all yet further examples of a trend that has really taken hold among consumers.
The historical brands in the food industry are running for cover, trying to change their image to meet the new market requirements.

Fumagalli Food Industry S.p.A. has built its business story on the control of the supply chain, ensuring the product safety that is now so demanded by the consumer market. The tracking and traceability of Fumagalli is not limited to raw materials, but occurs in all the ingredients, products and processes involved in the production.

Knowing every moment in the life of Fumagalli pigs; tracing the origin of what they have eaten, the composition and characteristics of the feed; and recording any drugs that were administered; extending the dimension of our guarantee between any treatment and the animal’s eventual slaughter, with increased guarantee times that are longer than those legally required, in order to eliminate the risk posed by the presence of chemicals in meats: these are the fundamental rules Fumagalli operates by.

We control every step of the production process and we involve and empower our workers, with all the information about our procedures from one shift to the next. This guarantees data sharing, since we believe that knowing what’s happening and keeping track of that information is the only acceptable approach to achieving a product that is good, healthy and respects the welfare of the pig in the farm. We look after our workers during the production process and take care about our sales network, especially the consumer, who can feel certain about what they are buying and the safety of what they are eating.


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The watchword is: biosafety
A healthy diet should be varied and balanced, with the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals

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