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20 December 2015

The Fumagalli Group is moving towards an organic production chain in the name of animal welfare

A Fumagalli farm will produce certified organic cured meats, with the guarantee of total control of the supply chain.

A growing number of consumers are asking producers for guarantees of naturalness, animal welfare and respect for the environment when they choose food products
For this reason, in 2006, the Fumagalli Group added a line of organic products to their traditional production processes.
Now the company is ready to introduce a supply chain entirely dedicated to organic food, in the case of pigs, which means managing the life cycle of each animal from birth to rearing and processing, while respecting strict EU rules.

Organic certification requires making a rigorous selection of farms, giving animals more space, using organic food and providing health treatments which are extremely restrictive and controlled.
“The incidence of mortality on organic farms,” explains Pietro Pizzagalli, head of livestock at Fumagalli, “is higher than on non-organic farms because there is a rather restricted management of drug treatments even though there is provision for animals to be given antibiotics, if necessary. The goal that we would like to achieve is to be able to keep the use of antibiotics to a minimum, focusing as we do on proper farm management through organisation and biosecurity: meticulous cleaning, adequate space for each animal and the elimination of stress.”

Among the requirements for organic certification are also increasing the space allocated to each animal, “which must be 4 times bigger than the standard,” says Pizzagalli, “and, above all, each pig must be able to live both in covered areas and in open spaces.”
Sows no longer give birth in a small crate but rather in a larger structure (as already happens on Fumagalli farms, which is why in 2015 they received the ” Good Pig Honourable Mention” from the non-profit organization Compassion in Word Farming) and even at the fertilization stage, sows will never be confined but always allowed to be free. Pig feed must be strictly made up of organic foods, grown on land owned by the farm itself.


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Breeding farms supporting animal welfare are more sustainable breeding farms
The Fumagalli Group is moving towards an organic supply chain in the name of animal welfare

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