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13 July 2015

The Italian food supply chain is a great opportunity for employment and profit

In these years of crisis, food production has remained steady and even grown in comparison with other sectors that have stalled or are in recession.

During the current period of economic downturn there are signs of recovery in some sectors in Italy. This is having a positive impact on the overall economy and is helping to lift the entire country out of recession. With some companies experiencing growth, expectations of improved performance in the wider economy have been raised.

The food and agriculture sector is the litmus test for economic recovery. The industry currently enjoys an outstanding reputation for the quality of our products as well as employment opportunities. Compared to the performance of the rest of the Italian economy, growth in the food sector has been “exponential”.

Production has reached a value of 162 billion euro, rising to 208 billion if we factor in restaurants and catering. From 2010 to 2013, turnover increased by 3.7% for beverages and by 3.1% for food. This was against a generally gloomy economic backdrop.

Despite national contradictions and uncertainties, Italy’s natural resources may hold the key to our economic success and well-being. The excellence of the Italian food sector could well prove the country’s “ace in the hole”. That’s why job opportunities in the industry have increased and are continuing to improve in terms of career prospects and salaries.

A report from the Jobpricing Observatory (an economic think tank) entitled “Careers in Food” supports this view. It analyses work and calculates salaries in four areas of the production chain.

Food is not only the main focus of Expo 2015, but is also our national calling card and the booming sector is having a positive knock-on effect in the wider Italian economy.


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