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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

16 June 2015

The meat supply chain is one of the best in all Italian food production

Not only reduced consumption of resources, but also the quality of manufacturing processes lower the impact on the environment.

Choosing Italian meat among the variety of foods that make up your diet is a good idea: not only because of the quality assurance that helps correct eating habits, but also because of the positive economic and environmental impact that comes from its consumption.

Meat from Italy, eaten as part of a Mediterranean diet, is a staple food for good health and provides the body not only with its main source of protein, but also Vitamin B12, Zinc, Selenium, B2, Niacin (B3) and Iron, i.e. nearly all the micronutrients lacking in plant products. We should also take into account how many cases of obesity and hypertension result from the reduction of meat consumption.

As regards its environmental impact, the Italian meat industry is highly efficient, because it is able to find a balance between the increase in demand by consumers and an optimized use of productive resources. This is due to farms where the amount of waste produced is very low compared to other food sectors.
The Italian meat supply chain can also boast constant and numerous checks of our veterinary system, which enjoys an excellent international reputation.

We should also bear in mind the role of consumers. Hardly any Italian meat is wasted, as the economic, social and environmental impact that comes from its production is more visible than it is for other foods.

By 2050 the population of the Earth will reach 9.3 billion, and the consumption of animal products will increase by 70%. For this reason, it is essential to find a balance between production, the environment, and social and economic factors, because raising animals can remain as a source of food for all.

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