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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

9 October 2015

The meat supply chain must be more productive and make improvements with fewer resources to remain sustainable

The demand for animal protein is growing and so is the world population. Only a safe and controlled supply chain can support the demand.

At Expo 2015 in the Federalimentare Pavilion (of Italian food producers) important results obtained from the supply chain for the production of meat were presented: fewer environmental resources are being consumed. The data were presented by Inalca and the Cremonini Group, both committed since 1963 to harmonizing production and distribution in order to make the beef supply chain efficient.

Forecasts of an ever-increasing demand for meat by the world’s population necessitate sustainability in the supply chain that can be checked and guaranteed at every stage, from breeding to the final sale. New technologies have helped develop a production and distribution process which increases the value of waste and this enhances the sustainability of the production chain. For example Inalca in Italy uses more than 70% of green energy obtained from the biogas resulting from the transformation of its waste, thereby reducing the emission of carbon dioxide by 7,300 tons.

These are new approaches that have to take into account ever-bigger targets. The goal is no longer simply to export meat, but to reduce the environmental impact due to the distribution process itself. Each stage is affected by the previous one, which in turn affects the next, in a domino effect. This creates a link between the quality and safety of products, with regard to the country of origin, in order to improve the environment, the wealth of resources, breeding and the treatment of animals.

This is the same philosophy that has always guided Fumagalli Food Industries SpA, a pioneer in the controlled and certified supply chain of meats for quality products that are always safe and sustainable.

http://www.fumagallisalumi.it/CONTROLLED SUPPLY CHAIN/

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