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5 November 2015

The social balance sheet is the starting point to plan the future of business

The values charter gathers the analysis parameters that underpin this important assessment tool of business.

In 2013, Fumagalli introduced its first social balance sheet. The company’s Chief Executive, Francesco Pizzagalli, said that this document “is only a snapshot of the existing situation or of the near future. From here on we are starting to plan the choices for the next three to five years, in the belief that every euro invested in the social budget is a euro well spent for future business and in order to grow together with the social fabric in which we operate.”

But what are the parameters used in the preparation of this important tool and contained in its “Charter of Values”? The Charter of Values defines the corporate culture by identifying the principles that are the lowest common denominator which can be grouped under a single identity in a company. Fumagalli Food Industry S.p.A. identified its parameters as: quality, legality, transparency, meritocracy, product safety, fairness, social responsibility, independence, environmental responsibility, availability, positive atmosphere and quality of life, team spirit, protection of traditions, trust, participation, diversity, confidentiality, creativity and innovation.

Only by framing the activity of the business through these values can we achieve an accurate picture of the starting point. The next steps are to improve and grow the relationship with civil society, the environment, employees and to provide growth opportunities to the company. The controlled supply chain, the centrality of people in corporate life, animal welfare and responsibility towards the environment and the social fabric are the fundamental issues that will be used to verify actual progress in the upcoming social balance sheet for 2014. It’s only by raising the bar for the company’s entire activities, and not just its economic performance, that it can really grow and ensure a bright future for the prospects of Fumagalli Food Industry SpA and for the workers that have made it successful.


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