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13 January 2015

The world of study and the world of work: a necessary partnership to help young people

Internships, scholarships and a direct line to research are the three pillars of a positive relationship.

Effective collaboration between the world of study and the world of work has become a priority for Italy and presents an opportunity for development for both parties.
Collaborations in the past, although not as numerous as they might have been, have shown themselves to be mutually beneficial and have yielded excellent results.
Fumagalli is a great supporter of this approach and has collaborated with the academic sector for many years, taking on interns, providing scholarships and funding research, all of which has been economically productive.
The advantages of this collaboration are clear to everyone involved. The graduates recruited get their first taste of the world of work, universities establish links with the region, and companies benefit from the excellence of Italian universities.
Fumagalli has a partnership with Parma’s Experimental Station for Meats as well as with various universities in the Milan and Como areas, supporting students of veterinary science and food technology.
The students involved have the opportunity to add practical knowledge to their academic knowledge and learn about working in a company. Fumagalli, for its part, gains excellent human resources, with interns frequently being taken on as employees at the end of their internships, and benefits from the research and development carried out in collaboration with the universities.

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