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31 July 2015

Watching your weight depends on your lifestyle as well as what you eat

Not only the quantity, but especially the quality of food affects our health and our weight.

What should we put in our cupboards to stay healthy and maintain our ideal weight? In recent years the search has begun for exotic foods as attractive alternatives and an important form of prevention against the threat of high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.

The proliferation of new foods has had a positive effect on our eating habits, but at the same it is important that some foods are not outlawed completely. In fact, hardly anything is completely bad or completely good for you, unless you just limit yourself to a few types of special food, based on the misguided notion that eating them exclusively will be good for you.

Even high fat foods are OK and can help maintain a nutritional balance, as long as they are part of a diet founded on common sense.

In general, except for special cases, we should bring a high level of subjective choice to many foods, without an excessive intake of any single one. The most important thing is to avoid the obsessive consumption of a few foods by refusing to consider a wide variety on supposed health grounds.

Who better than us Italians can understand how the Mediterranean diet is a positive example of a diet that prevents disease and helps keep our bodies healthy?

Even carbohydrates, until recently demonised as food villains, have fortunately been “rehabilitated”. In the total amount of food we eat, carbs should be considered as a staple of our weekly diet.

Eating good, tasty food all the time can lead us to think that there will be disastrous consequences, because in the supposed wisdom of punishing diets, eating correctly means making sacrifices. However, while the first principle of a healthy diet is moderation in all things, the key factor is finding the right balance in what we eat, ensuring that we have all the nutrients we need in just the right amounts.


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