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16 June 2015

We want ever more information to make informed choices

A survey by the Ministry of Agriculture has measured the demands of Italians for food labelling.  


A survey carried out for five months starting in November 2014 by the Ministry of Agriculture (Mipaaf) and taken by more than 26,000 Italians, has yielded some important data about the need for full transparency on the information contained in food labels.
The purpose of the questionnaire was to identify the most meaningful facts that every would like to find in their ideal label before buying a product. The information contained in food labels are set by EU regulation 1337/2013, for all EU countries. The survey aimed to compare the legal obligations with consumers’ everyday needs.
But what do we want to know in particular? Above all, we want transparency about the origin of our food: not only meat, but also dairy products and fruit and vegetables, both fresh and processed.
Other interesting findings relate to the producer’s guarantee that the raw materials of a product come from Italy. Consumers also want information about how the food is processed.
On this particular point – of food production – the survey proves a useful instrument for comparing consumers’ attitudes with the current regulations, because it showed that how food was produced and processed were the most important factors for the consumer. For this reason Mipaaf, in conjunction with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, is now committed to on mandatory labelling information about the companies that process meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy products. These facts are still provided on a voluntary basis, but the demand to make this information compulsory, at least in Italy, is growing.

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