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A ground-breaking approach
pioneered by Fumagalli

1 December 2014

What is the “control chain”?

The importance of control and management of the chain in the food industry.

The term production chain used to be seen only in documents on business economics, but it has now become part of our everyday language when we talk about virtuous industrial and agricultural processes and quality control.
The chain refers to the set of activities, technologies, resources and organisational structures of companies involved in the creation, transformation, distribution, marketing and supply of a product, following set of standard rules.
Controlling the production chain involves tracing, verifying and recording all the processes involved in it. The most important element of production chain control is traceability, the ability to reconstruct the history of a product step by step by means of an IT system that uses data recorded at every stage of production. A controlled chain is fundamental to food safety, because being able to track the life of the product helps assess and prevent risks and makes it possible to implement measures to avoid health problems.
To this end, Fumagalli has implemented control procedures at all the stages of the production of its cold meats, keeping records of  the life of each animal and imposing strict protocols regulating feeding and humane treatment. The animals are slaughtered in-house or at partner abattoirs which deal only with Fumagalli animals to prevent them getting mixed up with animals from outside the chain. The processing and curing of the meats is also covered by control procedures. Fumagalli’s team of technicians carry out precise, constant monitoring of the chain, ensuring maximum innovation without compromising the traditional quality of Italian cold meats.

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